The Blade Box

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Can put multiple items in the same box

The box will hold up to 28 blades when you put more than one in a slot like the picture shows. They will save your blades from having broken teeth during shipment, and organizes them while its in the grooming shop. If you want to ship scissors as well, get a bigger box that will hold the blade box with some extra room. Wrap your shears real good with bubble wrap and put them in the bigger box along with the blade box. Make sure you put a rubber band around the blade box to hold it shut because it will come open.

They are the best on the market and it will hold together for quite a long time. There are boxes out there that hold both the blades and shears made of thinner cardboard. Those boxes are not good because the inserts that hold the blades are only fixed in the middle, blades slide all over the box and teeth break. They won't slide around in this box.

Wrapping blades in paper or bubble wrap is not good, blades bang into each other during shipment and teeth break off. The price of the box is better than replacing a blade, and its re-usable for each shipment. We can return your blades in the box, just tell us you need one.  Getting insurance is always good, but this box is the cheapest and most effective insurance you can have to prevent broken blades.


Groomers have told me that if they keep their blades in the blade box with the top on, the blades don't rust like they did. Little or no rust!!!  They open the box, take a blade out, then put the top back on. If you store blades with the top off, they will rust like they did before. The cardboard breaths, so it lets the air in and out but not the moisture. Makes sense to me. Keeping blades in something plastic will surely lead to rust as you found out already.

Price for the box:  $5.00

We can also ship this box in your returning sharpening order with your blades in it. No double shipping charge.

The post office has a new padded envelope that is tear resistant, and can hold 20#.

Its called the "Padded Flat Rate Envelope" and its size is 9.5" X 12.5" Its FREE, just go to the post office and ask for it, keep some on hand.

The price to ship this bag is under $6.00
So instead of try to fit 20 blades in a Small Flat Rate Box (Which costs $7.00 to ship)
Put your FULL blade box in this padded envelope and ship it correctly. Never ship blades that are wrapped or stuffed in a small box to save postage. This bag does it for you.