Shears need lubed every day, and several times during the day. Without lube they will get tighter, and rust the pivot screw to where it wont stay tight. Lube cleans the dander and tiny pieces of hair from the pivot area, this keeps the action the same all the time your scissoring.  Shear lube consists mainly of very refined machine oil that has no color. Its used to lube tiny parts in sewing machines and especially fishing reels where oil cannot get thick. NEVER put clipper blade oil in a shear pivot, its too thick. It will start to collect dander and hair and will slow the shear down. Then you will loosen the shear and that changes the way it cuts. Below is my Shear Care Article.
Singer Sewing Machine oil has been around 150 years. It was made to lubricate the tiny gears and bobbins in the old time sewing machines powered by your feet. They still use it today in the modern machines for the same purpose. You can find it anywhere.
Walmart sells it in the fabric section for $3.00 for a large 2 oz bottle
H-42 has been used in the hair industry for 50 years. It cleans and disinfects. It is made from very light mineral oil and works well for cleaning shear blades as well as lubrication the pivot. This is the best clipper blade cleaner made in my opinion. It cleans and can lube all in the same application. Use it to fill your oilers. 
We sell this product for $18.00 for a 16 ounce spray bottle
$10.00 for a 8 ounce spray bottle

Refillable Pin-Point Oiler w/Oil

A must have to lube the pivot of your shears daily. Made in the USA of unbreakable plastic with a 1/16th in wide needle to pinpoint a drop of oil exactly where you want it. Refill with any oil except blade oil (too thick). Shipping is extra unless it comes to you in a returning sharpening order.