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Equipment Sales Website


To have a website you can purchase items from costs alot of money, and we would have to add that additional expense to the cost of our products.

When you find something you like either email us or call us to order.


Payment methods are Paypal or credit card only

Shop: 479-498-2367
8am to 4pm Tuesday to Saturday

We take PayPal for internet equipment sales only, and credit cards with your sharpening order. We don't take Paypal to pay for sharpening orders.

When using a credit card, we ask that YOU call us with the numbers, we don't call. Reason being we never get an answer and it goes to voice mail. So, you have to call us back anyway so you might as well call first when you have time. We always answer the phone when it rings, that's good customer service.

This is a special website for the selling of pet grooming equipment at COST.

Click on the tabs on the left for the product description of your choice.

We only sell to professional groomers, handlers, and vets. NO SELF GROOMERS.
If your a self groomer (not a business) doing your own dog, and your not using your local groomer to save money, please find some other place to buy the stuff you need

Call :  251-232-5353      email:
Hours: 8 to 5 cst - Closed Sunday and Monday like our grooming shop
We don't do text messaging

If you want to take advantage of our sharpening service, please click anyplace on the banner.

It comes up on the "Information page" which is set up for the first time user. It will answer all your questions about:

Where to send it
What we sharpen
What we Don't Sharpen 
How long it will take
Our payment methods
How to pack your box
What NOT to use to pack your box.

The website also has videos and article on how to take care of your equipment to get your moneys worth out of your sharpening. This information came from over 30 years as a groomer in my own shop
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