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Equipment Care CD-ROM for Windows

This is a special order item. It is not stocked routinely.

This CD-ROM contains the best blade care program ever created. It has 3 parts that totaling run time of about 30 minutes. In 30 minutes you will learn how easy it is to take care of your clipper blades so the edge will last for months rather than a few weeks. You won't need sharpened every month any more!

Part 1: Clipper Blade Failures and Why
Part 2 : Proper Oiling of Blades (Before, During, and After Grooming)
Part 3 : Effective Clipper Blade Cleaning


Articles On Disk

1. Ceramic Blades, Use and Care
2. Cleaning the Wahl 5-N-1 Blade
3. Chart - showing cutting heights of all clipper blades on the market.
4. Clipper Blade Instructions
5. Cordless Clipper Battery Charging (do's and dont's)
6. Easy Blade Care for Veterinary Clinics
7. Fixing Loosening Shears With Plumbers Tape
8. Fixing Sharp Edges On Clipper Blades
9. Fixing Blade Sockets With Bent Ears
10. Gritty Blades After They Been Sharpened
11. Hinge Differences on Different Brands of Clippers
12. How to properly put a clipper blade on an Oster clipper.
13. How to tell if a clipper blade is bad an worth re-sharpening.
14. Lubrication of the Wahl 5-N-1 blade
15. Chart - Cutting heights of all snap-on combs on the market.
16. Suggestions for effective use of the Wahl 5-N-1 Blade
17. The Andis Clipper Manual  (comes with the clipper)
18. The new Andis hinge 
19. Using an uninterrupted power supply
20. The Wahl clipper refurbishing program
21. What's really in that can of coolant?  (average ingredients)
22. Worn or old condition of shears and how they can be fixed

Videos On Disk

1. Blade Care Program #1
2. Blade Care Program #2
3. Blade Care Program #3
3. Changing the Blade Drive on Andis AGC type clippers (one with a hood)
4. Changing the Wahl Lever Tip
5. Changing the hinge on Andis AGC type clippers (one with a hood)
6. Changing the Blade Drive on Andis AG type clippers (the square clipper)
7. Changing the hinge on Andis AG type clipper (the square one)
8. Checking the Andis drive bearing (pushes blade drive back & forth)
9. Fixing blades that rattle on the clipper
10. How to check an Oster clipper  (maintenance video)
11. How to check Andis clippers (maintenance video)
12. How to check Laube clippers (maintenance video)
13. How to put a blade on an Andis clipper (if your having trouble)
14. How to put a blade on a Wahl Clipper
15. How to put a blade on a Laube clipper

** All videos were recorded and produced by Northern Tails Sharpening,Inc **

This is a CD-ROM that every groomer should have. The articles will give you the knowledge you don't have or were never taught about your equipment and tools. The videos will show you how to do your user maintenance, and take care of your blades so they don't dull out prematurely, and you can save money from over-sharpening. This awsome CD-ROM will help you, but you have to use it! There is over 30 years of grooming and maintenance experience here, you don't have to feel like you don't know anything anymore! CD is copied from a master and sleeved with no jacket or case. There is no written menu, use your file manager to look at the files on the disk.

The Price for the CD-ROM :  $20.00

Shipping is $10.00 US, no international sales, for USA groomers only.
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This is a handy manual that needs no computer to read the files. This manual is filled with most of the published articles Jeff has written for grooming magazines over the last 25 years. It is more than a manual, its a keepsake. Jeff's articles are enjoyed by groomers and sharpeners all over the world. Keep this manual in your shop for that time when something breaks down. This is your "Go-To" book before making calls, or posting a question on social media. When Jeff speaks at a grooming school about equipment care, he teaches from this book and everyone gets a copy.
Areas covered are: clippers, blades, shears, 5-N-1 blades, & MSDS's
Also, some other area's most sharpeners don't know about.
Manual is printed from computer and hand stapled not bound


$25.00 for the manual
$10.00 shipping to the USA only

No International Sales, for USA groomers only