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1/2 Inch Diamond Carbide Nail Grinding Wheel

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Introducing the last nail grinding wheel you will buy for months, sometimes a year.
This is a diamond coated carbide wheel that replaces the paper wheels your wasting on your Dremel to grind nails. This wheel is washable, and you can grind nails right in the tub to keep the dust down. You can use it on small to large dogs, cats, horses, any reptile, and even birds. One unique thing about this wheel is if the nail has rough edges after clipping, this wheel wont splinter the nail like the paper wheels do sometimes. It leaves a very smooth finish without the vibration the paper wheels are known to do that scares the dog. Its not as expensive as you might think when you compare the wheels you use now and the time they break apart when your doing a nail.

Fits all rotary tools that accept the 1/8th shaft.

Price is $10 for one wheel mounted on a mandrel 



There is a limited warranty for the Diamond Carbide Wheel if used under normal conditions. Normal conditions include nail grinding of small to medium dogs, cats, reptiles, equine, and all birds only. If the wheel is used for a hobby project like sanding wood, de-burring metals, or any activity other than grinding nails the warranty is void. If this product is used on nails only, kept clean, and not dropped and bent, it should last over a year. But, anything can happen as it always does. Considering the cost of the cardboard wheels and the time spent changing them constantly, if this wheel only lasts 6 months it has paid for itself. Follow the sheet enclosed for proper use, and to prevent any injury to yourself and/or client.